Going Back to Egypt

By the power of God Moses led the people out of Egypt and the people kept longing to go back there - What do you think about that? Not very smart folks do you think?

2020 the year God led the people of the world out of Egypt and how many are wanting to go back?

Man made gods and places of worshipping halted by the mighty hand of the Only True God!

Baseball - Football - Golf - Concerts - Entertainments of All Kinds STOPPED! Are not all of these made up of many man made gods? These places of worship?

Cruise Ships - Air Travel - Theme Parks - the list goes on

Children delivered from corrupt places of teaching that is removing God

2020 a year of blessing from the one True God - the Grace to come out of the World

Test the Spirits to see if they are of God!

(even these places called church!) your traditions make the word of God to none effect