It's about IMAGE

Here is a question for you.
When God said let there be... Did it not happen? Do you believe what the bible says that God by just what he said things where created? I do!
It is written that we were created in the Image of God. Do you believe that to be true? I do!
As an Image of God we by what we say have what we believe.
David and Goliath, when he saw how everyone was acting right away knew God was greater, they were thinking about what they could do. They left God out. David did not! David reminded himself and others what God done in the past.
Here is a very IMPORTANT POINT! Ever hear the question of which came first the Chicken or the Egg?
What you say comes before what you have! David said Goliath your DEAD and YOUR MINE by the Power of MY GOD! Right?
How many thousands were there scared of that other army? Check the words they were saying!
Watch what people are saying and what they have is in their words. You have what you say with your heart not what you say with your lips.
Jesus said you draw near with your lips but your heart is far from me!
Say and Believe with your heart and watch what happens.
God Bless

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