The New Wine!  time for the old Wine to go away!

Listen what the Spirit has to Say; luke warm don't cut it either warm or cold and the Spirit will show you which is each

New Wine


Old Wine

Jesus Christ Sacrafice "Has Power to Life   Animal Sacrafice "Has No Power to Life

"Power of God - With God All Things are Possible


"Traditions of Men - Make the Power of God to None Effect   Mark 7:7-13

Jesus Christ's Spirit baptism by the Power of God  

Water baptism by a man - "I am glade I baptised none of you..." Paul - (carnel problems) 1 Corinthians 1:14

True Worshippers - Worship in Spirit and Truth (location ever changing at the will of God)  

Worship in a Building - locations set by man - buildings over people - money to buildings over people

Giving Our All to God - By Direction of his Holy Spirit "Our Time, Resources and Money"

  Tithining percentage to a man making claims giving to him is giving to God
Holy Spirit is our Teacher and Dwells in us always   Make a man as the teacher
God seeks us out   Man seeks a god to his standards

Obedience  - follow the directions given to us by the Holy Spirit


Sacrifice - giving up something thinking it will make God happy

Prayer, Giving, Fasting do all in Secret to "Gorify God" - Jesus Instructions


Prayer, Giving, Fasting all done to be seen of others "Self Glory"

The Time is Now Coming and is Now at Hand the Old shall Pass away for the New to Come!

God has done it all! We have no where to take any credit!

as God through his Holy Spirit enlightens us with Truth what is Old Wine, it would please God if we would pour it out and ask for his New Wine!

For Jesus