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There are different boats in life depending on how you are living your life determines what boat you are in.

  • A boat for those that are living for the Lord
  • A boat for good people
  • A boat for those that cheat and lie to get what ever they want.
  • A boat for the scum of the earth.

You get the Idea?

The truth ONE BOAT!!!

We all come short!

We all need Jesus to be our savior!

Our Good Deeds are not going to save us!

Where are you sitting in that one boat?

Have you picked the first class or somewhere not quite so high up?

The scriptures say that all have fallen short one boat!

The first shall made last and the last made first watch where you sit on the boat!

The prodigal son he done all kinds of evil things, he realized how bad his situation was.

He decided to go back and take one of the lowest positions to work for his father.

He felt that was a much better place over where he had gone.

His father took him from that low position and moved him up to a better one.

His brother had a view I am better than him he blew it. 


Matthew 19:17 none good but God!

Matthew 20: 21-26 where you sit determined by your service

Matthew 18:4 humbled himself

Luke 14: 7-11 pick where to sit

Isaiah 64: 6 ...all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags,...