Howís the view?


I was invited into a meeting concerning a list that was presented for a family that requested help in supplying gifts for Christmas.

The first things that I heard brought up was I donít do gifts for the adults.

They can get a job, two jobs what ever it takes and buy their own gifts.

This is my situation and I donít feel right in making theirs better than mine.

Wow, it is not whether the remarks are correct or not, but the feelings toward those that the request was made.

Like the prodigal son the brother was upset, why is he getting treated like a king! He doesnít even have a job! He blew all his money drinking, drugs and partying and comes back and gets these great gifts and a celebration in his honor!

The fathers view was the life of my son has returned unto me!

Ever hear the remarks of those where their home was completely destroyed, I am grateful my loved ones were saved the items can be replaced we cannot replace a lost life.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work for God. I heard a request for toys for a 2 to 3 year old girl. I thought nothing of it, the next morning I found toys in like new condition placed in a dumpster to be thrown away.

The spirit of God supplied the toys, there was no doubt who the toys where for!

I was allowed to see how quickly he works, he supplied by the power of his spirit.

Remember where there was a tax to be paid and Jesus said throw a line with a hook in the water and pull out a fish with a coin in its mouth to pay the tax.

Let the spirit be your guild, donít do things because of peer pressure or going along with the crowd.

Donít do things thinking your making a difference; the reason is in your mind youíre the one doing, most likely you will be unhappy with the results or out come and end up feeling like it was a waste of effort and defeat.

We need to have in our mind the Lord is the one doing and we are privileged to be his servant; we get to personally see him work and it is awesome to say the least.

Walking with the Lord is Great it is always moving and Never Ending there is always something New!

May the Blessing of the Lord be on those that Seek Him!

In Jesus Christ I Pray, Amen